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After a Week 1 upset of the TCU Horned Frogs, Deion Sanders and the No. 22 Colorado Buffaloes have become one of the most talked-about things in college football. Now they might become fashion icons as well.

On Saturday, the Buffs will arrive for their game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers in bespoke suits with details designed by Coach Prime himself.

“We’ve got a lot of eyes on us, so you know I had to make sure the team was looking right, down to all the details from the color of the stitches to the ‘I BELIEVE’ on the inside,” Sanders told GQ Sports.

For the suits, Sanders turned to another Pro Football Hall of Famer: former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, who has his own menswear line at the Men’s Wearhouse. The suits are khaki with black lining. The lining of the jackets features Colorado’s logo, and each jacket has a monogrammed tag with each player’s name. The players are also wearing ties from their coach’s Prime Neckwear line.

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