1684105335000 nn ksn tgnt mothers day letters of appreciation 230514 1920x1080 flbz72

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    1684105335000 nn ksn tgnt mothers day letters of appreciation 230514 1920x1080 flbz72

    Student athletes share notes of gratitude on Mother’s Day



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    Driverless cars creating traffic jams in San Francisco


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    13-year-old girl recovering after shark attack in Florida


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    Historic presidential election underway in Turkey


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    U.S. regulators order recall of 67 million air bag inflators


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    DeSantis could soon take major step toward announcing plans to run for president, sources say


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    Migrant crossings drop dramatically at U.S. southern border


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    Woman ‘so full of joy’ after walking mile for first time since accident left her paralyzed


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    University of Idaho honors 4 murdered students at spring commencement


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    Family at El Paso shelter details dangerous journey from Venezuela to U.S. border


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    Family of Cleveland EMT grateful she’s home after missing for days


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    DeSantis visits Iowa as potential presidential bid announcement nears


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    Deadly tornado rips through Texas community


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    Humanitarian crisis grows at U.S. southern border


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    Non-profit providing critical doula services to Black women cost-free


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    Youtuber whose plane crashed agrees to plead guilty to staging incident


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    El Paso, Texas shelter overwhelmed by growing number of migrants


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    Lori Vallow Daybell found guilty of killing her two kids and conspiring to kill husband’s first wife


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    Title 42’s end drawing record number of illegal border crossings


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    Man thanks nurses who saved his life in a grocery store after suffering cardiac arrest


A group of Long Island student athletes had the chance to show their gratitude this Mother’s Day, taking part in a local paper’s yearly tradition. NBC News’ Kate Snow shares the details on the heartfelt notes the students shared with their mothers.

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